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Original Abstract Art on Unstretched Cotton Canvas


The term ‘shell’ etymologically derived from ‘hard outer covering’ lies at the core of the show’s exploration. ‘Shell’ has a history dating back to Old English ‘sciell’ and Middle English ‘shelle’, signifying not only the protective outer layer of invertebrates but also the idea of an outer layer concealing an interior, with notion of ‘mere exterior’ hence ‘empty or hollow thing’ by 1650s. In essence, the word ‘shell’ focuses on the physical external form, and often the associated emptiness inside.

This series of work offers an alternative perspective, revealing that our valued essence lies within this freedom of emptiness, while the ‘shells’ we present to the world are temporary identities we project and wear, whether consciously or unconsciously. Some of these shells we inherit, while others were crafted, but all are merely temporary snapshots of a specific moment in our lives.


The artist seeks to emphasize the idea that change originates from within, in a space of emptiness and in the depths of our intangible essence.

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